Tips & Tricks to Battling Soil Erosion The Right Away

Tips & Tricks to Battling Soil Erosion The Right Away

November 28, 2019

Mother Nature works in mysterious ways. From planting a sapling to harvesting the golden crops, everything in Nature is intermittently intertwined and with every firm step towards urbanization, humans tend to lose touch with Mother nature setting across a series of repercussions in the name of pollution, deforestation, soil erosion, and many more. However, there are times when nature herself lashes out and no matter what the underlying reasons to soil erosion is, it is us, who face the adversities in front of a natural terror. In order to combat the rampantly growing soil erosion and its extreme repercussions, small and compact measures have been formulated which includes prevention steps like selective grazing, limited fertilizer usage, using biodegradable erosion control mats, and more.

Here’s a list of some of the sure-fire methods that can help prevent the surge of soil erosion we see around us-

Using Cover Crops– Leaving a soil unattended is one of the leading causes of erosion. In order to save the top layer, the latest erosion prevention technique suggests using cover crops with quick germination period.

1. Erosion control blankets– Steep slopes are the hardest to control with the downward sliding landscape making it ideal for topsoil erosion. However, biodegradable erosion control mats could be the perfect answer to your problem. These mats are usually made of straw, shredded coconuts, wood fibres, coir and more making them resilient to easy sliding or damage due to wind.

2. Silt fence– Speaking about biodegradable erosion control mats, silt fences are the perfect companion concreting the erosion blankets. Consider silt fences more as check dams on the sloping side of hill keeping the erosion blanket in place.

3. Hydroseeding– Yet another popular method to tackle soil erosion is through hydroseeding. This is a prompt and convenient way to spread water, woodmulch and tackifier a plant-based glue that glues the seeds and the woodmulch together and secures the soil firmly in the process.

Healthy soils that were once soft to touch, veiled with greenery and brimming with biodiversity are now barren lands of rocks, dust, and cracks. Repeated over usage, uprooting vegetation or over-grazing along with nature’s air, wind, and water have all come together to strip the natural glow. However, some of these damages are still reversible and with accurate measures by our side, we can prevent further erosion, damage, and harm.

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