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Woven Coir Fabrics - KoirMat™ 400, 700, 900 & 1000

Nedia offers a full line of 100% natural woven coir (coconut fiber) erosion control fabrics. Our line of products in this category includes:

KoirMat is made from well cleaned, high strength, fresh water cured coconut fiber. Coconut fiber is extracted from coconut husks which are submerged in fresh water streams or storage tanks for a period of several months. During this process known as retting, water constantly flows through the coir fiber matrix removing impurities present in the fiber. The clean fiber is extracted and spun into yarn which is then woven into KoirMat.

KoirMat erosion control matting is highly versatile with a wide array of applications in bioengineering and erosion control. KoirMat by far exceeds the demand for an environmentally friendly and economic erosion control product.

Coir fiber has one of the highest durability and tensile strengths among all natural fibers. The high lignin content (46% by weight) of KoirMat makes it naturally resistant to mold and rot and hence requires no chemical treatment.

KoirMat naturally absorbs and retains water while retaining its integrity providing an ideal microclimate for the growth of vegetation. KoirMat resembles the soil in its ability to absorb solar radiation to prevent overheating - a problem with many synthetic materials. The natural color of KoirMat makes it aesthetically pleasing. After years of effective erosion control and vegetation anchoring, KoirMat decomposes and joins the natural ecological cycle, providing soil nutrients in the process .Environmentally safe and biodegradable, KoirMat is the preferred choice of erosion control specialists around the world.

Depending on its application and exposure, KoirMat lasts three to six years. This extended longevity period allows enough time to establish adequate vegetation allowing erosion control the way nature intended.