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Coconut Fiber Logs - KoirLog 12, 16 & 20

KoirLogs are natural coconut fiber logs with applications in wetland mitigation, shoreline stabilization and stream banks/channel protection. Nedia’s KoirLogs are made from double cleaned, unsorted coconut fiber encased in high tensile strength coir twine netting. KoirLogs help to dissipate the impact from wave action and flowing water, trap sediments and encourage vegetation growth.

During installation, seedlings or plant cuttings can be planted into the KoirLog. Sediment trapped by the KoirLog as well as the inherent property of the coir fiber to absorb and retain moisture provides an ideal medium for vegetation establishment and growth.

KoirLogs are available in 12”, 16” and 20” diameters. The logs are typically 10 or 20 feet long.

KoirLogs are available in Normal Density (ND Series) of 7 lbs/cu .ft. and High Density (HD Series) of 9 lbs/cu .ft. KoirLogs with a normal density of 7 lbs/cu .ft. (ND Series) are easier to handle, install and plant. The normal density logs also encourage rapid root development. Designers must evaluate the site conditions in order to choose the appropriate size, density and number of tiers of KoirLogs to be used. Some parameters to consider are flow velocity, wave height, stream energy, soil type and accessibility to the project site.

KoirLogs generally last for two to five years. As the KoirLog biodegrades, the plants develop a well established root system in the shoreline sediment which will retain the soil in place preventing further erosion. The decomposing KoirLogs provides valuable humus to the soil.