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Coir Planting Media - KoirPad 640 - Installation on Slopes

Site Preparation:
Grade and shape the area of installation. If applicable, prepare seedbed by loosening 2” to 3” of topsoil. Application of lime and mixed grade fertilizer is recommended prior to seeding and installation of blankets & mattings. Make sure soil is free of clods, rocks, wood and other obstructions so that the blankets & mattings are in direct contact with soil.

In most cases, it is recommended that seeding be done prior to installation of blankets. For turf reinforcement mat and open weave matting, seeding is often done after matting installation. Best results are achieved when a veneer of soil is raked over the broadcast seeded surface. Straw or hay mulch may be added after seeding. All check slots and other areas disturbed during installation process should be re-seeded

U-shaped metal staples (11-gauge minimum, 6” to 12” long) or wooden stakes (at least 12” long) can be used to anchor blankets to the ground. Keep a minimum edge distance of 2” from the edge of the blanket to the center of the staples or stakes

Installation on Slopes

  • Grade soil, fertilize and seed as per general guidelines below.
  • Begin at the top of the slope and anchor blankets in a 12” deep and 12” wide initial anchor trench (see Fig.2) and anchor with staples at 18” spacing.
  • Unroll blanket down slope in the direction of the water flow (see Fig.1). The blanket should not be stretched but should have full contact with the soil. Anchor blanket using staples or stakes. See “Staple Pattern Guide for Slopes” below.
  • Overlap edges of adjacent parallel rolls by approximately 6” and anchor with staples at 24” to 36” spacing depending on the slope.
  • When blankets have to be spliced, place upper blanket end over lower blanket end (shingle style) with 12” overlap and anchor with two staggered rows of staples at 12” spacing.
  • Anchor, fill and compact ends of blankets in 12” deep and 6” wide terminal anchor trench. Anchor with staples at 18” spacing.

Staple Pattern Guide for Slopes