About Us

Innovative Products and Quality Services

Nedia Enterprises offers a complete line of erosion control, sediment control, and bioengineering products made primarily from natural fibers. We provide innovative quality products and excellent service to our customers in the erosion control and bioengineering industry.


Nedia is committed to the conservation of the environment. We believe that the proper use of our erosion control products will contribute to improved environmental function and encourage widespread use of innovative and vegetation-friendly bioengineering techniques.


We are constantly striving to develop new and improved products that contribute to the enhancement and the protection of the environment. Some of our products are the result of innovative problem solving with customers who have specific needs. We also tailor our existing products to better suit specific project needs.

Quality Control:

Our products are subject to stringent quality control measures that meet or exceed industry standards. We routinely submit our products to independent testing laboratories for ASTM testing to ensure the highest quality and document performance.

Technical Support:

Nedia offers sound technical advice on product selection and installation. We have a thorough understanding of the benefits and limitations of our products. We work closely with a network of experts in various facets of erosion control and bioengineering who offer additional design guidance.

Price & Availability:

We do our best to provide competitive pricing. A large inventory of products in several distribution centers across the country facilitate cost-effective and timely delivery of our products.

Distribution Centers in Winchester, VA and Stockton, CA

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