Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Oversee the daily operations of the company and design new action plan for productive workflow.
  • Modify periodic survey and investigative studies of company goals based on changes of business and market environment.
  • Identify and develop innovative strategies to divide time between specific activities which can help the employees to work smarter with minimum effort.
  • Handle distribution and supply chain, record daily shipments and deliveries.
  • Draft documents, organize and monitor company records.
  • Do budgeting, purchases, monitoring inventory, search for new vendors and suppliers, and oversee the maintenance and repair of the equipment’s and machineries.
  • Implement different models and theories of leadership to better coordinate and motivate the employees as a team.
  • Evaluate the dysfunctional areas (strength & weakness) of the team and develop and implement solutions to overcome the deficiencies.
  • Open discussions such as seminars and group meetings which give opportunities to the employees to put forward their innovative ideas and opinions.
  • Negotiate and mediate in an effort to settle disputes.
  • Set ethics, values, principles and human rights standards for the organization and the team members.
  • Involve in problem solving and decision making.
  • Conduct effective communication and recognize cultural differences, understand, and respect each other’s cultural diversity and utilize the leadership context of cultural theories and models.
  • Establish open communication system within the company and employees, to communicate the company’s vision, mission, and value statement with the employees.
  • Promote and market Business, Commercial awareness, and Networking ability.
  • Recognize market trend shifts and implement advanced marketing policies to promote business.
  • Conduct regular feedback and analytic survey about customer needs.
  • Establish business network with new customers, clients, partners, and vendors and utilize networking as resourceful source to introduce petitioner’s business to potential clients.


Worksite location(s):   Nedia’s office, 44675 Cape Court, Suite 120, Ashburn, VA 20147 and other unanticipated locations throughout the US. Candidate may be required to relocate to client locations for projects. Travel required: Almeida county, Frederic county VA, Rocky mountain NC, Edgecombe, NC, once in three months


Requirements for the job:  Bachelor’s degree in project management, organizational leadership, or related, or foreign equivalent; and six months of experience in job offered or in the role of business operations specialist, operations specialist, or in management or operations related job.


Any interested applicant may apply to the following location for consideration:


Apply: Send Resume to HR of Nedia Enterprises, Inc. at 44675 Cape Court, Suite 120, Ashburn VA

or email In job application also indicate job title.

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