How to control soil erosion with erosion control blankets

How to control soil erosion with erosion control blankets

November 1, 2019

Do you know that every year, 1% of the topsoil gets eroded? Even though the percentage appears to be quite low, it is certainly a point of great concern. To bring this situation under control, natural fiber products, especially coir/ coconut blankets, are highly in use these days. Thanks to its high tensile strength and extended longevity, coir fibers are recognized as an environment-friendly alternative to restore the top layer and establish a vegetative cover. Connect with Nedia Enterprises to get more information regarding the various types of erosion control blankets available, based on their properties and application. Below listed are some of the standard uses of coir erosion control blankets:

Restoration of sensitive areas

Wetlands, riverbanks, steep slopes, and wildlife habitat areas are prone to erosion. As they are vital to the soil, water, and other natural resources, their preservation is extremely important. To control future soil erosion in these areas, an erosion control blanket, such as a coconut fiber blanket, would be a smart option. The reason is the blanket requires little maintenance after installation and suits best for plant seedlings. If you want to defend against erosion, get this coir erosion control blanker from manufacturers right away.

Add consistency and stability to heights

While developing height on hills, slopes, banks or inlets, soil lifting could be a problem if you are unsure of the amount of strength required. For any slope, riverbank, or shoreline, using coir erosion control products is a smart choice. Coir improves the seed germination process and controls biodegrading for a few years.

Reduces Water Flow

Controlling water flow is vital as essential elements runoff when sediment is loose and the flow of drainage, channels, and streams is high. You can build a check dam using coir fiber to minimize the velocity of the water. An environment-friendly dam can be created using coir mattress or coir wattle. This is helpful in retaining silt and preventing undercutting due to water flow.

Protect Drains at Construction Sites

Often at construction sites, runoff flow is never checked, which is harmful to our ecosystem. To prevent such damages, placing coir wattles in front of drainage is a good option. When you place coir, water flows through the drain while sediment, sand, and silt retain.

Support vegetation growth

Coconut fiber has the capacity to hold oxygen and water which is essential for vegetation growth. As it has natural root stimulating hormones, it gives protection against fungus infestation and root diseases.

If you are looking forward to preserving the soil and preventing erosion, contact Nedia erosion control blanket manufacturers right away.

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