Geotextiles: Why Engineers and Contractors are choosing Fabrics for Soil Stabilization

Geotextiles: Why Engineers and Contractors are choosing Fabrics for Soil Stabilization

November 28, 2019

Building structures, as well as roadways, overpasses, parking lots, and even airfields, require a strong foundation for the best construction and durability. For this reason, it is extremely important to ensure before the beginning of the construction project that the soil—on which the foundation is going to be laid—is stable. If the soil swells too much, it may cause cracks, bumps, and weakened pavement, leading to damages, accidents, and huge financial losses. Soil stabilization is inevitable to prevent these possible damages.

Though there are a variety of methods that can be used to stabilize soil, geotextiles sold by soil stabilization fabric suppliers are gaining a lot of popularity among engineers and contractors who are looking for a more a cost-effective solution that can allow them to provide structurally sound results that their customers can rely on—without having to raise their prices. Geotextiles perfectly meet this requirement! Geotextiles are permeable porous fabrics made of biodegradable natural, synthetic, or composite materials that help prevent engineers and contractor stabilize soil and prevent erosion. They can be installed in virtually any weather conditions. Also, there is no need to worry about installing fabrics near active traffic zones or in a populated area. They are quite strong and durable and do not get affected by even hostile soil environments. If we talk about the installation process, it is quick and does not require any special equipment or labor. There is no need to wait for a long period after the installation as construction can take place almost immediately.

When it comes to stabilizing subgrade soil types and conditions, geotextiles provided by soil stabilization fabric suppliers are the ultimate choice! They work by separating two layers of material, so they can co-exist in a structurally effective manner. Depending on the type of soil, the choice of fabric varies. Geotextiles are available in woven, non-woven, and grid forms. Apart from reinforcement for strengthening the soil, fabrics help in soil separation, filtering, and drainage.

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Nedia has been helping engineers and contractors for a long time now by catering to their various geotextile needs. Though we also have a wide variety of erosion control and bioengineering products made with synthetic and composite materials, we primarily focus on products made from natural fibers. Contact us for natural geotextile fabrics for soil erosion control, such as coir, jute, and straw.

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