4 Erosion Prevention Principles for Steep Slopes & Embankments

4 Erosion Prevention Principles for Steep Slopes & Embankments

November 29, 2019

Rampant urbanization has contributed to unfortunate deforestation, a profound result of which we see today in terms of soil erosion. To top that, consequences of uncontrolled pollution like rising water level and changing temperature act as an additional host to deforestation, erosion, and damage. Even though some results are currently beyond repair, a large part of the eroded soil still harbors the potential to be revived.

There was a time when saving steep slopes and embankments would take a lot of hard work and mind-numbing calculations. Cutting steps, preventing rainfall washouts, preventing water logging- the list seemed scary! However, erosion control suppliers today have come up with some of the best soil prevention and care methods to help preserve embankments and slope soil.

The Prevention Principles 
Methods deduced and perfected by erosion control bodies have pronounced 4 basic principles of soil erosion all working hand-in-hand with modern prevention and care techniques.

If you have soil prevention in mind, here’s what you need to know-

1. Erosion Control- 
The first principle to remember is erosion control. The primary goal is to prevent the topmost layer from eroding and to do that we need to keep two points in mind- vegetation, even grass, is helpful as it prevents loose soil from eroding. Secondly, Erosion control blankets are the best answer to barren lands. For vegetation to flourish, we need to keep the topmost layer intact and that’s where erosion control blankets come to play.

2. Sedimentation- 
Sedimentation is more of a connecting step or a back-up plan to erosion control. We are talking straw rolls on slopes, gravel bags, silt fences, to prevent the soil from eroding. However, adequate drainage is crucial in these cases with the primary aim being, ‘top layer care’ to prevent further erosion or damage.

3. Run-Off Control- 
This is more appropriate for embankments where soil erosion is primarily due to water impact. Even though you can’t stop water from flowing in during high tide, erosion control suppliers suggest using coconut fiber logs or creating an additional path to divert the water flow elsewhere.

4. Maintenance-
Now, soil erosion is a dynamic concept and the effect of natural calamities cannot be anticipated beforehand. Keeping this in mind, soil erosion prevention demands periodic maintenance to ensure methods employed by us are fruitful enough or not. If your current soil erosion tactic is showing little or no positive result, you may need to re-evaluate your method choice and analyze the situation for improvement.

A Greener Step towards Evolution 
Needless to say, a thriving, healthy, and lush land can bring us innumerable benefits. From crops and vegetation to future sustainability, even a barren land on the brink of destruction can be revived if we think green. With your techniques and tactics and our wide assortment of premiere-grade soil erosion control accessories by your side- we are sure we can take a steady dive into the greener side together.

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